Invoke TFS 2015 REST API from build- and release-tasks

I ran into a technical challenge writing a custom task for TFS 2015, which I solved by calling the TFS 2015 REST API from my build- and release task. I’ll try to explain why and how I did that in this post. There might be other options as well, please feel free to share them with me. Continue reading “Invoke TFS 2015 REST API from build- and release-tasks”

Writing a custom TFS 2015 build task

At my current assignment I am working purely in a DevOps role. The biggest chunk of my day-to-day work is the migration of an on-premise TFS 2013 instance to on-premise TFS 2015, including process template changes, migration to the new build eco-system (so moving away from XAML templates) and introducing new functionality as SonarQube etc. As the new build-system is fairly new, there is not that much information on the web yet about writing your own build steps, so I thought it could be helpful to others as well if I wrote down my findings. Continue reading “Writing a custom TFS 2015 build task”